Spot On!

Spot On!


Spot on!

Inspired by the simplest expression of surface decoration, an experienced artist once explained the three basic forms of mark-making: first the dot, then a line, followed by a circle…from these marks all images can be produced.

Colours are simple , subtle or bold to suit your demeanour and occasion. Glazed in delicate Celadon shades of ice blue, green, and natural glazes, these shades form the background for the spot embellishments. True to hand made process the designs are screen printed by the artist.

The petal like undulations you see in the  saucers reflect the press moulded, hand formed making process and the high fired soft nature of the porcelain as it nears its melting point over 1260 degrees Celcius.

The aim to simplify both idea and visual style, the ever faithful dot, the fundamental mark remains.  A mark of potential, it is the point of focus on these fun and modern vessels.